Courses / Programs

M.Sc. Marine Geology

Course Type: Professional

Duration: 2 Years (4 Semesters)

Intake (Seats): 10 Nos.

Admission: Through CAT

Admissions start during Jan-Feb every year and for more details please click the link]

The M.Sc. degree programme in Marine Geology has been designed for the development of man power in the field of Marine Geology. The curriculum is set in such a way that, after covering all the general geological aspects in the initial semesters, a special emphasis on marine aspects was given during the third and fourth semesters. The alumni passed out during the last 40 years from the department are well placed in major institutes of national importance and exploration fields both in the country and abroad. For introducing the general aspects of Geology, the first semester is designed with the courses such as Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology, Mineralogy and X-ray Mineralogy, Structural Geology, Physical Geology and Geomorphology, Remote Sensing and Invertebrate Paleontology. During the second semester of the curriculum the students are made consociate with Groundwater Geology, Geochemistry, Economic Geology, Engineering Geology, Seismology, General Oceanography, Geological and Geophysical Field work. In the third semester they are made competent in the field of Marine Geology by adding Marine Geology, Marine Mineral Resources, Marine Micropaleontology and Paleoceanography, Well-logging, Geophysics and Offshore exploration and Seismic prospecting. In the final semester the courses like Coastal Processes, Petroleum Geology and Indian Stratigraphy are being taught.

M.Sc. Marine Geophysics

Course Type: Professional

Duration: 2 Years (4 Semesters)

Intake (Seats): 10 Nos.

Admission: Through CAT

Admissions start during Jan-Feb every year and for more details please click the link]

The M.Sc. Marine Geophysics programme has been introduced aiming at the development of manpower in the field of Marine Geophysics. The course is a unique combination of Marine Geophysics and Marine Geology and the training offered is ever evolving, adaptive, academically well tuned and practically perfected to the requirements of user agencies. The faculty comprising of learned and competent academicians are at task.

The finer aspects of applied geophysics are perfected through papers covering on the prospecting of Gravity, Magnetic, Electrical and Electromagnetic, Seismic and Well-logging. Geophysics stuides are left incomplete without geology and so included General Geology, Marine Geology, Structural Geology, Engineering Geology and Stratigraphy as part of the curriculum. The curriculum is well knitted to comprehend the areas of groundwater related problems. The essentials of Oceanography are familiarised through courses that include Physical Oceanography and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics. The students are provided with necessary acquaintance to the world of instruments through their extensive training in Electronics and Instrumentation. Remote Sensing and Computer Programming are included in the curriculum, keeping in mind the demands of time. The curriculum also includes papers in Physics of the Earth, Geodynamics, Digital Signal Processing and Signal Analysis and Offshore Exploration. Regular field work forms a formidable part of the curriculum which involves data acquisition, processing and interpretation of various geophysical prospecting methods.

Ph.D. [Faculty of Marine Sciences]

Duration: Minimum 3 Years

Intake (Seats): As per available Vacancy

Admission: Through DAT [Department Admission Test]. Those who have fellowships (CSIR, UGC, etc.) are exempted from the test.

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Thrust Areas of Research

  • Marine sediments and Placer deposits

  • Micropaleontology & Paleoclimate

  • Geochemistry & Hard-rock Petrology

  • Water Resource Development & Management

  • Remote Sensing & GIS

  • Natural Hazards Zonation & Mitigation

  • Solid Earth Geophysics & Geodynamics

  • Gravity & Magnetic Prospecting

  • Earthquake Seismology & Tectonic Geodesy