A b o u t U S

The Dept. of Marine Geology & Geophysics

In 1976, the Department of Marine Geology and Geophysics was founded as a division under the School of Marine Sciences, and in 1996, it was elevated to departmental level. The department has become one of the few in India to provide advanced study and research opportunities in marine geology and geophysics. In 1976, a full-fledged two-year postgraduate programme in Marine Geology was established in response to worldwide advancements in general and national demands in particular in the area of Marine Geosciences. In 1992, a three-year M.Sc. (Tech.) programme in Marine Geophysics was created as a logical extension of the existing Marine Geology programme, which has since been reformed into a two-year M.Sc. Since the commencement of the Marine Geophysics Course in 1992, the Department's major strength has been the synergy between Marine Geology and Marine Geophysics. Both programmes are designed to meet the needs of various research institutions and survey organisations, as well as multinational companies engaged in oil, natural gas, mineral exploration, seabed surveys, remote sensing, and groundwater prospecting, by developing manpower in the fields of marine geology and marine geophysics, with an emphasis on offshore areas. In addition to postgraduate academic programmes, the department is actively involved in Ph.D. research in all key frontier areas of Earth Science research. For creative teaching and research, the Department is fully equipped with infrastructure and national facilities.

Cochin University of Science and Technology [CUSAT]

CUSAT was initially constituted as the University of Cochin through an Act of Kerala Government on 10th July 1971. The University of Cochin was re‐constituted as Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) in February 1986, redefining its objectives as "promoting Graduate and Post‐Graduate studies and Advanced Research in Applied Sciences, Technology, Industry, Commerce, Management and Social Sciences." CUSAT is now a world-ranking university with the specific purpose of developing higher education, emphasizing post-graduate studies and research in applied science, technology, industry, humanities, and commerce. CUSAT has consecutively been figured in the Times Higher Education World Ranking since 2017. The Times ranks around 1500 best universities worldwide annually with around 60 universities from India out of 967. CUSAT has also found a place in the QS World University Ranking and the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) of the India Government. In 1976, CUSAT became the first university in the country to provide a full-fledged postgraduate degree in Marine Geology, in response to worldwide advances in general and national demands in particular in the subject of Marine Geosciences.

True to Kerala's legacy of being the friendliest state with an avowed dedication to education, CUSAT is home for students from across the globe. The University takes pride in the fact that it has an envious record in campus recruitments. The pool of its highly successful and talented alumni, who adorn vital positions in several highly acclaimed R & D institutions and corporates in India and abroad, are the living testimony of the academic excellence of CUSAT.